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2. Why we won’t debate you.

Random Internet Person: “If you believe this, show me the proof. Back up your beliefs with facts.”

Sound familiar?

No one should be surprised that our country is more divided now than at any other time after the end of the Civil War. People from one extreme or another are screaming in comments sections and YouTube videos at people they’ve probably never met.

No one needs to tell you this. You already know even if you’re only paying a sliver of attention.

We all get into these back and forth debates, and inevitably we’re faced with that Random Internet Person. (Sometimes not so random. Sometimes your racist Aunt Marjory)

But there is a growing section of people who are refusing to play into the hands of the antagonists. The “What-about-ism” people. The “Show me the facts,” people.

And after more than two years of this intense divide, I’ve come up with a standard. If I see any of the following being espoused as good, or being defended:

  • Police brutality, primarily against people of color
  • Our egomaniac of a president
  • Policing women’s reproductive rights
  • Taking away social security
  • Eliminating access to mental health, food stamps, WIC, shelters, etc.
  • The excessive growth and privatization of our prison system
  • Keeping medical care as a for-profit model
  • Keeping marijuana illegal, and continuing to incarcerate people for possession and distribution
  • Discrimination against a group or an individual because they are LGBTQ+, refugees, Not Christian, or immigrants.
  • The belief that climate change is a hoax.

I have something very simple to say to you:

You are my enemy.

You are on the wrong side of history.

Your side is going to lose.

We won’t debate you because we know it’s a waste of time and resources.

We won’t debate you because the information is out there, and you chose to keep yourself willfully ignorant.

We won’t debate you because even if you are provided with all the facts and statistics that oppose your viewpoint, you’ll callously dismiss it all as “Liberal propaganda” and “media bias.”

And last, but not least, we won’t debate you because it’s not our job to educate you. That’s your job.

And to those who side with me: we need to be putting more of our energy into enacting the change we want to see, instead of arguing with trolls and idiots who refuse to do critical research. Leave them to bang on their keyboards while we change the world for the better.

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