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3. The Good of driving for Uber & Lyft

I’ve mentioned several times that I drive with Uber, though I use it and Lyft, and I wanted to break down the experience into three separate talking points.

Welcome to; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of driving with Uber & Lyft.


  1. Working with these companies means that you have peace of mind and an excellent support structure.

Say what you will (and people have) about Uber or Lyft’s call center, they’re still open twenty-four hours a day and will answer all of your questions or concerns to the best of their ability. It’s wonderful to have access to this system instead of the traditional couple (or singular!) dispatchers available to taxi companies. Also, we’re all being tracked while riding or driving, and the companies insure each ride against accidents.

  1. You pick your own hours.

This is one of the most popular highlights of the job. There are no quotas when you drive with Uber or Lyft. Once you’re approved, you can give however many rides you want. Full time? Part time? Pick what works for you. We’ve all had days when there’s absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go, and we’re dreadfully bored. Take those days and make some money!

Sign up for Uber here.

Sign up for Lyft here.

  1. You meet a wide range of people.

As a writer, I often utilize time with passengers to gather character inspiration and references. Even if a passenger doesn’t want to talk to me, I can listen to their phone conversations, or take in how they act or dress. Driving as a ride share operator pushes you out of your bubble and exposes you to a myriad of lifestyles and personality types. If you’re not a writer, prepare for a lot of interesting and unexpected people and conversations.

  1. You get to really know your city.

I thought I knew Kansas City pretty well, but then I started driving full time. Now, even though I was a bit of a shut-in, I can recommend clubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions to visitors even if I’ve never been there myself. Navigating the city streets and backroads is nearly second nature. I’ve had >1,200 rides in four months. I’m practically a native.

  1. The pay can be spectacular.

This isn’t always the case, but opportunities are endless. You won’t get rich doing rideshare alone, but you can use it to leverage your business (if you have one, which you should). Are you an artist, photographer, graphic designer, web developer, videographer, author, carpenter, plumber, chiropractor, martial artist, or dentist? Display some of your work, or a hint of it, in your car and when someone comments on it—WHAM. Out comes your opportunity to plug your business.

Overall, I’ll leave you with this: if you’re going to work a customer service job, you may as well work one that gives you flexibility and eliminates your shitty boss.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s segment: The bad of driving with Uber/Lyft.

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