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A girl named Sue; U.S. Healthcare is failing people. Period.

I have not, and I will not share who I work with on Facebook, Twitter, here, or any other place online. I will let you know, however, that I work for the healthcare industry, and the company I work for is big. Like, one of the largest corporations in America big. Nationally recognized brand big.… Continue reading A girl named Sue; U.S. Healthcare is failing people. Period.

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I have a confession to make

Okay, I have several confessions to make. 1 – I’m really good at procrastination, but that’s not what I’ve been doing the last many moons. I’m actually just putting my head down and getting to work on things quietly and in other realms than the blogosphere. I’m sorry/not sorry that I’ve neglected you. 2 –… Continue reading I have a confession to make

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I’m actually okay guys, really

It has come to my attention that many people who read my latest post, Learning When to Let Go, are under the impression that I’m not doing so well emotionally. I did mention it there–right near the end–but upon re-reading I see that I wasn’t terribly clear. I understand that after about six months of… Continue reading I’m actually okay guys, really

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Thoughts from a late night

There are a lot of things in transition. Still. I’m not complaining. Life is labyrinthine. Being flexible has always been a skill that I’ve tried to cultivate in myself.  In times like this, I think about storms.  Spending my formative years in Missouri, I saw a lot of storms, especially in the spring and early… Continue reading Thoughts from a late night


The Minimalism Challenge: Bathroom

There are a couple of areas where minimalism has just felt right. One of those areas was my bathroom. I started with makeup. Now, if you know me, you know that I rarely wear makeup. I’ll even go to interviews without because, honestly, I’m not going to spend twenty or thirty minutes a day doing… Continue reading The Minimalism Challenge: Bathroom

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Breaking habits, forming new ones

Habits are funny things. There was a lot of research I got into about our habits several years ago that still sticks with me to this day. Back then, someone on NPR talked about the “power of three.” That the three-day “hump” of habit-kicking is often the hardest few days to power through, and then… Continue reading Breaking habits, forming new ones