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Searching for Truth and Purpose

My post-election blog post, which elicited some interesting comments through Facebook, mentioned my intention to join up with some nonprofits or local political organizations in order to combat the regressive policies that are sure to come under a Republican-majority government. My first foray into this world was through a rather large organization here in Kansas… Continue reading Searching for Truth and Purpose

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A Red Government: my post-election battle plan

Like many others, I was shocked to my core early Wednesday morning when Hillary conceded the election to Trump as the country went red. I invited my boyfriend, L, over Tuesday night to hang out and see “which tumor we’ll get–benign or malignant.” What started out as a somewhat fun, relaxed evening turned into something… Continue reading A Red Government: my post-election battle plan

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Ah, sweet college years

I am about eighty percent through with the initial enrollment process at my new university. I have applied, been accepted, filled out all the financial aid forms, received my letter, sent in all my transcripts, had them accepted, and am currently working toward the final steps. All that seems to be left before I enroll… Continue reading Ah, sweet college years