The Minimalism Challenge: Bathroom

There are a couple of areas where minimalism has just felt right. One of those areas was my bathroom. I started with makeup. Now, if you know me, you know that I rarely wear makeup. I’ll even go to interviews without because, honestly, I’m not going to spend twenty or thirty minutes a day doing… Continue reading The Minimalism Challenge: Bathroom


The Minimalism Challenge: Books

When I started to lean into Minimalism, the first push-back I encountered was the idea of getting rid of my books. Books have always been my friends. Literally, that’s what I call them—my friends. I’ve gone through some hard patches in my life. More so than most, less than some. Throughout it all, I could… Continue reading The Minimalism Challenge: Books

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Q&A: Why would you get rid of all your stuff?

There are a few questions about minimalism that I have fielded, both from friends and family and from myself. I thought I’d take a moment before the upcoming posts on my Minimalist Challenge to answer three of those questions. Just the term minimalist tends to carry with it a particular image, but let’s make something… Continue reading Q&A: Why would you get rid of all your stuff?

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A Perfect Storm

Have you ever noticed that there can sometimes be a “perfect storm” of ideas that seem to bombard you one right after another? Has your life ever changed, dramatically, in a few short months, shifting your entire worldview? Well, it’s happened to me. It’s happening right now. In my previous post, Discovering Minimalism, I talked… Continue reading A Perfect Storm