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6 Proposals for Common-Sense Gun Reform: With Historical & Social Context

INTRODUCTION & DISCLOSURES In the wake of Parkland and the amazing, inspiring March for Our Lives and #nomore movement, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking on the subject of gun control. Before I get into my personal feelings, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that this is an incredibly complicated situation.… Continue reading 6 Proposals for Common-Sense Gun Reform: With Historical & Social Context

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Searching for Truth and Purpose

My post-election blog post, which elicited some interesting comments through Facebook, mentioned my intention to join up with some nonprofits or local political organizations in order to combat the regressive policies that are sure to come under a Republican-majority government. My first foray into this world was through a rather large organization here in Kansas… Continue reading Searching for Truth and Purpose

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The agony and the…

I think that the largest hindrance to my writing is the internet. I have seen, from living with the “real family” (formative year types) that they are distractible to a certain degree.  I certainly recognize this characteristic in myself, and I know that this means the internet is a huge disadvantage.  Or is it? I have found… Continue reading The agony and the…